Splash and Color Art Deco Coloring Book
Splash and Color Art Deco Coloring Book
Children helped save the Little Red Lighthouse in New York.

Splash & Color Art Classes

Family Our Link to the Past and Our Bridge to the Future ---Alex Haley 


Introducing Splash and Color Art classes. An exciting series of classes for children and their adults. Each series is designed to bring families closer together while having fun exploring the arts. 


Art in Life Series: Art Deco and Lighthouses. 

These workshops engage children in an exciting exploration of art and social studies. In the classes children will learn about civic responsibility, the role of government and how to impact their neighborhoods and the world around them. Children will complete an art project. 


Art Through the Ages Series: Ancient, Ethnic and Modern Art. Children will develop key habits of mind that include "creativity, critical thinking, the ability to pose and solve problems, self discipline and self confidence." Classes will teach an appreciation and understanding of art in culture with exciting demonstrations and unique hands on activities. Children will create art and explore diverse art forms.


The cost for each class is $70 for a family of four and $5 each additional member. Adults must accompany a child in the Art in Life classes.  Classes need a minimum of 4 people. Fee includes instruction and art supplies for children. 



Art Makes Learning Fun 


According to research information from the Association for the Advancement of Arts Education, the arts are effective in keeping kids in school, in reaching students at-risk and students with distinctive learning styles, and in helping to develop a more disciplined educational environment in which students' energy are directed at learning and creating. 

The arts not only make education more interesting, they literally make learning accessible to many students for the first time. (How the Arts Contribute to Education. Association for the Advancement of Art Education wwww.aaae.org.)
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